I’m writing on tumblr when I feel happy, this is new.

So yeah, I’m not going to write any shit depressingness on here as I usually do (possibly that’s the only reason I use Tumblr.) I was in the bath earlier and was suddenly overcome with an emotion called happiness.

I once again smile whenever I get a text and their name pops up, wanting to reply straight away but forcing yourself not to because you don’t want to seem too, urrm clingy?

I know I really should have given up on her, well pretty much the moment I realised that this girl could seriously hurt but for one of the few times in my life I followed my gut feeling and perused. As expected I’ve been hurt, nothing worse then I’ve experienced before but it’s always a different kind of pain.

I think only once before I have persisted on the same girl for month with no real results. It took 3/4 months last time around, this time it could take even longer. For some reason I want to keep going. I’ve had enough of people who are around for two seconds and then will disappear, as I think it was once put in a trashy tv show.

Men are like cabs. When they’re ready to get married, they turn their light on. The next woman they pick up, boom! they marry.”

Of course I’m not taking it literally and I don’t want to marry anyone anytime soon but when a guy turns his light on the next girl that you take a shine to you fall hard!

But she’s definitely special. She’s told me endless times she’s not looking for a relationship but I keep running into that wall head first; trying to break it down.

I still believe I can.