I have a fear of people who are too similar to eachother.
— Myself
I love them

I love them


The Hoff Code of Friendship.

A) True “Friendships” are being defined as “people who you see optionally rather than conveniently.”

By this definition the people you see outside of their convenient use.

B) The four groups of convenience are as follows:
i) Work
ii) Education
iii) Childhood
iv) Substance

Once a person is promoted out of the convenience level and into “free time”


For the first time in my life I believe that I am being fallen out of love with.

It’s strange watching someone change in front of your eyes and at first I thought it was just me doing something wrong, like so many times before. This time it’s different and I believe I’m adult enough to handle this, worst case scenario…

Maybe this was a step to far for her, living together that is, a honeymoon fantasy which faded fast and burned out her flame. She hasn’t wanted to kiss me for weeks and this was the point I realised I may need to put together a crisis plan.

I’ve sorted out “get out” plans before, but never one for getting dumped.

Your love was only skin deep and in the end it gave me cancer